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Let’s Talk About Options for Digital Signage for Your Business

Digital signage was born as a result of advanced digital technology, using projection, LCD and LED in displaying content such as videos, digital images, information and streaming media. We can find digital signages everywhere such as public spaces, restaurants, corporate buildings, retails stores, transportation systems, stadiums, museums, and hotels. Traditional content designs were made by small and special firms, but digital contents today are more flexible, simple and easily created with the use of content management system, that means creating of messages from inventory of image, video, audio, words, graphics and phrases assembled in various permutations and combinations, yielding new messages real-time.

Digital signages can be presented in various formats such as scrolling text, images, video, interactive interfaces, or context-aware interfaces. Scrolling images follow the format of posters of digital advertisements, while text signages may come as scrolling text or dynamically updated text using an external newsfeed source. The commercial television advertisement format is used for creating video signages. For interactive interfaces, sensors, touch screens, beacons, and RFID technologies are used, allowing engagement of users, and assisting advertisers in gaining insights on customer behaviors. When it comes to context-aware interfaces, sensors, cameras, and software are used for monitoring ambient audiences and environments, allowing signages to receive updates depending on the profile of the audiences, weather conditions, and other external factors. Digital audiovisual content is usually reproduced on television and monitor displays of a digital sign network from at least one media player, using a small computer unit, DVD player or other types of media sources.

Various software and hardware options are available which provide a range of different methods for scheduling and playback content. These include complex networks that consist of multiple servers and players, offering control over campus-wide or enterprise-wide displays at multiple venues from one location, and simple and non-networked portable media players for basic JPG slideshows or MPEG video loops. Digital Advertising Network (DAN) is another digital signage option, that connects players directly to the monitor and the internet through a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN), thus allowing the end user to manage and handle multiple DAN players from any location. Creation or editing of advertisements are made possible and are uploaded to the DAN through the internet or other networking options.
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Gone are the days when people use posters, papers and flyers to advertise a product or service, digital signages are effective, creative and interactive method of marketing your business in this modern times. If you want to learn more about digital signages and other forms of digital marketing, feel free to visit our homepage or website.Smart Ideas: Services Revisited