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The Advantages of Having Digitally Printed Signs and Graphics

It is now easier than ever to get a high quality finish on graphics and signs printed on vinyl substrates. This is unlike before when that only way to do it is by heat pressing to transfer heat transfer film designs across to sensitive surfaces such as coated canvas, coated nylons and most vinyl or plastic coated surfaces. The disadvantages of this technique is that the purity of the graphic is often weakened, the display quality is reduced over time, and the complexity of the design details that could be displayed is limited.

Today, we have digital printing which changed all of it since these printers allow the transfer of complex designs without any negative effect on the durability of the vinyl substrate and the reason for this is that no heat is applied to it. Not only that, but with the direct digital printing to a vinyl substrate, it also means an extremely quick and easy process.

When these graphics are directly printed on vinyl substrate instead of plastering those graphic designs on them, they are better able to stand up to the rigors of outdoor use because they are a direct reproduction or copy that is set at the root of the vinyl chemistry and not on the surface of it. Therefore it can highly resist water and the UV of the sun.
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This gives great value to your investment and if you are using these for your trade campaign, you can easily bring them wherever you go. What is great about this is that if you are able to have a more generic design composition then you can reuse it for your future marketing campaigns.
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Combining the quality of vinyl printing with the pliability of the material, or its ability to be easily cut and shaped, its light weightiness and the expandability of the material sizes, offers you superb functionality and adaptability. This means that you can practically place them in any strategic corner without having to worry so much about size, shape and frame.

Vinyl printing is becoming very popular since it is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing solutions and this is very true when you join trade shows. Paying for digital advertising space and internet marketing campaigns can be rather expensive for such a short term occasion. Beside the trouble of letting people go to a trade show is the headache of the trade show organizer. So when finally the trade show is opened and people come and visit the displays, then it is important that you stand out from the crowd and give your dedication to the people who have come to your booth.